Online marketplace and middleman services for sneakers and streetwear

Buy, sell and trade through our marketplace. Our authentication team ensures your items are genuine.

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Why you're gonna love

Here’s a few of the advantages our platform offers:

Low fees

Our middleman fee is 7% for sellers, but 0% for buyers!


Get your grail by trading your lower valued items with sellers for a 5% fee

Fast service

We use priority shipping and same-day authentication

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Manage your collection
with our platform.

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Our authentication team will verify if the item is genuine through stringent testing and analysis

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Track your orders and sales through each step in the verification process

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Get the best deal by negotiating with sellers to lower their prices

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Stay up-to-date with the upcoming and hyped releases

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Analyse your collection with real-time statistics and trends


The new sneakerhead

  • Driven towards self-improvement with frequent updates and receiving community feedback

  • Excellent customer experience through app design and customer service

  • Consistent perfection in our authentication process

Multiple payments

We accept card payments and Paypal, however, payouts are Paypal only.

A kind notice

Our primary currency is Euro as we are based in Europe. However, we offer Pound Sterling and US Dollar conversion in-app!


Weekly raffles will be built into the app. To engage with the community, we’ll be hosting events and giveaways on our social media

  • Buyers have the option to add a collectID NFC chip embedded into the product. This chip is connected to a token that is securely stored on blockchain making it immutable

Dropping November 2020

A quick glance at what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

The iOS app will release in November 2020. The website and Android app will arrive slightly later in early 2021 due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our authentication team takes less than 24 hours to process an order. Our average delivery times are 1-2 days. We operate all 7 days of the week so you should receive your order within a week.

For now, sneakers will be the only type of product listed, however streetwear and accessories will be added before Mid-November this year.

Follow us on Instagram (@eurus.og) for posts regarding new features and updates.

For now, we only accept sellers from within Europe, but if you are a buyer - you can purchase from anywhere in the world. We hope to expand our operations within the next 6 months.

Unfortunately we do not accept used items. Our marketplace is strictly for deadstock goods.

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It's very easy to get in touch with us. Just use the contact form, DM us on Instagram or send us an email.

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